Chronos und Kairos - When Trust MattersChronos und Kairos - When Trust MattersChronos und Kairos - When Trust Matters

Chronos & Kairos - When Trust Matters

The world is still changing and so are we? 2023 has once again put our trust to the test and stretched the limits of what is supposedly taken for granted. Where does our trust lie amidst all these changes? Together we step out of our routine, while directing our gaze towards the future.

Trust is one of the fundamental values of our society. Nowadays it seems to be lost in various kinds of ways: trust in our future, in politics and in our fellow human beings. In Georgia we will reflect together on our topic of “trust”: How do we build up trust in times of change? In which moments have I gained trust, and when has it been lost? When should I be suspicious? So Chronos, representing the flowing time and Kairos for the right moment, stand in the light of trust for our common program in the expanses of Georgia.

Together we experience the culture and different regions of Georgia. From the coast of the Black Sea, to the peaks of the Caucasus, between bustling cities and breathtaking nature, we go in search of the traces of trust. During joint hikes, experiencing nature, personal conversations and a New Year‘s Eve party in the mountains of Georgia, we get to know each other on a special level. In doing so, we create space and time for trustful reflection on the past year and the future that lies ahead.

Time frame
December 27, 2023 - January 7, 2024

What to expect
We will fly from Hamburg to Kutaisi and meet our exchange participants in Georgia there. After getting to know each other in Kutaisi, we will spend New Year‘s Eve in the mountains of Mestia. After an exciting New Year‘s celebration in the Caucasus, we will explore the second-largest city of Georgia, resort town and important sea port, Batumi, to conclude our trip before heading back via Kutaisi. We will stay in simple hostels and generally cook for ourselves.

Since Chronos and Kairos is enriched by every single person participating, we are looking forward to you contributing your strengths.You will also participate in various tasks such as making fires, cooking, the program, or creating a daily documentation because Chronos and Kairos come to life through active involvement.

A safe space
Hamburg has become a safe place for many Ukrainians in times of war, just as Georgia is for Russians. We welcome applications from all people who decide to meet with us in a respectful manner and trust.

You can participate if you ...
... are between 18 and 26 years old.
... feel comfortable in English since it will be our project language.
... enjoy overcoming challenges in groups.
... can do without great domestic luxury.
... want to be creatively and actively involved in the exchange and group life.
… have travel documents

You can also participate if you…
... don‘t have a bulging piggy bank right now. We will try to find a common solution.

Participation fee and benefits
The project is supported by BINGO! Die Umweltlotterie, Kreuzberger Kinderstiftung and the social authority of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Your own contribution is 380 euros. This includes accommodation (multi-bed rooms), meals, flights from Hamburg to Kutaisi and back, local transfers (buses, etc.) as well as all costs for the program. We also take out health, accident, liability and legal protection insurance for you.

Footnote #hashtag  
At our small community festival #Hashtag on the first weekend in December near Hamburg there will be an opportunity to meet some participants from the Georgian side and get to know each other. We take part in various workshops, exchange ideas with participants from other MitOst Hamburg projects and have a great time together.

Please send us your application by November 10, 2023.

So are we - about YOU!


© Eugene Esin, Jannik Weigelt, Natalia Pavlenko, Maria Kalashnikova, Max Sich by unsplash, Paul Kirchbichler und MitOst Hamburg e.V.

Weitere Informationen und Kontakt
Claus, Emilia und Marlene

Anmeldung und Teilnahmebedingungen

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... über Georgien
... Reise- und Sicherheitshinweise des Auswärtigen Amtes
... über die Stadt Kutaissi
... über die Stadt Mestia und den Großen Kaukasus
.. über die Stadt Batumi




So war der Winter in Sibirien 2017/18 (russisch)

Chronos und Kairos 2017/18 in Bildern

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