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About MitOst Hamburg

MitOst Hamburg is a non-profit organization committed to language, cultural and youth exchange in Europe. We are a regional association of Berlin based MitOst e.V..

Our ideas, activities and projects are aimed at furthering education and youth work in the metropolitan region of Hamburg. Our objective is to actively contribute to intercultural and international understanding in a diverse world.

Most of us have spent longer periods of time living in Eastern Europe as exchange students and/or for study purposes. That's why we have started our work in the fall of 2010 focusing on Eastern Europe.

Our managing board

Yes, we do have an official managing board! Ana Jelena Peric (1. chairwoman), Jochen Szech (2. chairman) and Sara Andersch (treasurer) took office at our founding conference in july 2010.

Want to know more about MitOst Hamburg? Write us at: vorstand(at)mitost-hamburg.de